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Why Global Issues Matter to State Parties

With Afghanistan’s elections and future in question, devastating conflict destabilizing the Middle East, growing fallout from Russian expansionism in East Europe, and a humanitarian crisis mounting on our own southern border, it is clear that U.S. national security is impacted in complex ways that require complex policy responses. And yet some politicians reduce the debate […]

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Testimony: Michael Breen On U.S. Security Implications Of International Energy & Climate Policies And Issues

Chairman Markey, Ranking Member Barrasso, distinguished members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify today on the relationships between American foreign policy, energy policy, and climate change. I will focus my remarks today on the linkage between energy issues and America’s most pressing geopolitical challenges. The United States finds itself in a […]

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Dictators or Extremists: A False Choice in the Middle East

The recent battlefield gains of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and President Obama’s decision to send hundreds of American military advisors to Iraq have sparked debates in the United States about what interest the U.S. truly has in helping the government in Baghdad confront brutal Islamist extremists. Add to this the fierce […]

The Truman community on Bowe Bergdahl

After 5 years as a prisoner of war in Taliban captivity, U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was freed at the end of May. The controversy over the cost of his securing his freedom – including the release of 5 Taliban members from American custody – then dominated the news cycle in early June. Throughout, Truman […]

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Sun Sentinel: Diplomacy key in talks with Iran

Truman Project Partner Rachel Streitfeld wrote about the benefits of an extension in the Iran nuclear talks and the importance of diplomacy in the process. The White House is determined to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Secretary John Kerry and his team are working around the clock to piece together an epic deal that […]

MSNBC: All In with Chris Hayes 7/23/14

Truman Project Fellow Job Henning discusses the downing of MH17, whether or not Ukrainian separatists were involved, and the involvement of Russia. Watch the full interview.

Foreign Policy Association: Managing Iran’s nuclear prowess

Truman Project Fellow Christian H. Cooper lays out what elements should be in a final deal with Iran regarding it’s nuclear program. In the 1950s, Binyamin Blumberg took over a small group within the Israeli Defense Ministry, renamed the group the Science Liaison Bureau (LAKAM), and proceeded to build the first secret Israeli nuclear facility […]

Talking Points Memo: No, Obama Isn’t Our New Chamberlain

Truman Project Partner Jason Stanford explains why comparisons between President Obama and former British PM Neville Chamberlain are inaccurate because the President is not appeasing Iran, but is in fact negotiating an important agreement. There was a time that keeping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb would have been considered a worthy goal, even a […]

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