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Will ISIL hit the Homeland?

There have been conflicting reports on the likelihood of an attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) within the United States over the past week.  Even high ranking officials within DoD have raised a level of concern not heard for some time now.  Just a few days ago, Secretary Hagel and […]

Iraq: Maliki’s resignation is not the silver bullet

The recent announcement that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will resign to pave the way for Haider al-Abadi to take over the premiership has led some U.S. policymakers and analysts to proclaim that this event marks the beginning of a process that will eventually lead to the defeat of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and […]

Why Global Issues Matter to State Parties

With Afghanistan’s elections and future in question, devastating conflict destabilizing the Middle East, growing fallout from Russian expansionism in East Europe, and a humanitarian crisis mounting on our own southern border, it is clear that U.S. national security is impacted in complex ways that require complex policy responses. And yet some politicians reduce the debate […]

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Testimony: Michael Breen On U.S. Security Implications Of International Energy & Climate Policies And Issues

Chairman Markey, Ranking Member Barrasso, distinguished members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify today on the relationships between American foreign policy, energy policy, and climate change. I will focus my remarks today on the linkage between energy issues and America’s most pressing geopolitical challenges. The United States finds itself in a […]

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Breen on MSNBC: “40,000 Yazidis were going to die last week; they’re not gonna die now. That’s progress.”

As the Iraqi military launched a new offensive in Tikrit, Executive Director Michael Breen joined MSNBC’s The Cycle to discuss the U.S. role in combating the Islamic State (formerly ISIS). Seeing the U.S. engaged in Iraq once again is a tough pill to swallow, says Breen, but there’s a clear national security threat and a […]

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US Airstrikes and Humanitarian Aid in Iraq; Michael Breen’s POV

Last week, President Obama authorized US airstrikes on ISIL forces in support of the Kurdish Peshmerga. He also ordered humanitarian aid be delivered to Yazidis fleeing the persecution of the Islamic State. Truman Project Executive Director Michael Breen joined guest host Kristen Welker on MSNBC’s News Nation on August 12th to explain why the US […]

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Back in Iraq? Michael Breen on MSNBC

On Thursday night, news outlets began reporting that President Obama would authorize airstrikes as an option to combat the forces of the Islamic State (formerly ‘ISIS’ or ‘ISIL’) in Iraq. Michael Breen, the Truman Project’s Executive Director, joined MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, with guest host Ari Melber, to discuss the dire humanitarian situation on […]

Fox News: The Kelly File: U.S. Investigating Murder of Major General in Afghanistan

Two-star U.S. Army Major General Harold Greene was killed in Afghanistan on Tuesday, making him the highest-ranking American to die in the conflict. The possible “green-on-blue” attack was perpetrated by a man in an Afghan army uniform, who killed or wounded more than a dozen other ISAF troops as well. In the wake of the tragedy, […]

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