Truman National Security Project

Impact & Recognition

The Truman Project’s advocacy and communications campaigns have been recognized as among the best in the nation.


Advocacy and Communications

Silver Pollie Award for Best Democratic Presidential Television Advertisement of 2013Gold Pollie Award for National Public Affairs Direct Mail of 2012Silver Pollie Award for National Public Affairs Television Advertisement of 2012

Bronze Pollie Award for Internet Public Affairs Web Video of 2012

Reed Award for Best Television Advertisement of 2012Reed Award for Toughest Advertisement of 2012Reed Award for Best Newspaper Advertisement of 2011 

Reed Award for Best Online Independent Expenditure/Web Video of 2011

Reed Award for Best Use of Voiceover Talent of 2011

Reed Award for Best Public Affairs Campaign of 2010

Commander in Chief screen shot


Named one of the top ads of the 2012 election cycle by the New York Times for our Commander in Chief ad.



Effectiveness & Influence

“I just finished the briefing book — really brilliant.  In all my years in politics, it’s the most useful and thorough book of its type I have ever seen.”

– Phil Noble, Director, PoliticsOnline and Leader, South Carolina New Democrats

94% of leaders trained by Truman believe that the Truman Project fills a crucial hole in the national infrastructure.

More than 2/3 of the Truman Community feel their connection with Truman has enabled them to influence policy, politics, and the public debate in ways they never would have done without our work.


Building a National Infrastructure

93% of Truman’s national security leaders believe that Truman plays a unique role in connecting good policy, good politics, and values.

97% of the 500+ participants on our Tuesdays with Truman messaging calls think that Truman is a credible voice on policy issues, and 98% believe Truman is filling a crucial hole in the national infrastructure.