Truman National Security Project

Senior Advisors & Trustees

Senior Advisors and Trustees are respected leaders in foreign policy, politics, and business who share the Truman National Security Project’s vision. They offer trusted guidance to our policy and political work, provide financial support to our efforts, and serve as mentors to the leaders we train.

Senior Advisors and Trustees are chosen by the Truman Project; it is not possible to apply to join this special group.  We are grateful for the many ways in which they enable the success of our shared mission.

Sara Abbasi
Wendy Anderson
Scott Bates
Peter Beinart
Haim Bodek
Janet Breslin-Smith
Elwyn Berlekamp
Rachel Bronson
Bill Budinger
Andrei Cherny
Paul Clarke
Jack Cogan
Christopher Coons
Nelson Cunningham
William Danvers
Scott Delman
Laura Dempsey
Randeep Dhillon
Larry Diamond
William Dobson
Mitch Draizin
Carl Ferenbach
Donnie Fowler
Gail Harris
Chris Howard
Mark Jacobson
Eleanor Glynn Kjellman
Paul Klingenstein
Pascal Levensohn
Mark Levine
James Marvin
Nion McEvoy
Mark Medish
Reuben Munger
Suzanne Nossel
Michael O’Hanlon
Jay M. Parker
Joe Rice
David Rose
Elihu Rose
Jeremy Rosner
Kathryn Roth-Douquet
David Rothkopf
David Samuels
Deane Shatz
Paul Shatz
Peter W. Singer
Larry Stupski
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Tucker
Kenneth Wollack