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Fight To Preserve DOD Biofuels Work Continues

By David Martin | 3.22.13

An informative op-ed by Lieutenant Commander Manan Trivedi appeared in The Hill recently regarding the harmful cuts to biofuel funding and energy security. The piece highlights another critical reason for ALPA to support DOD procurement of advanced biofuels. While ALPA has been a strong advocate of the ability of DOD to procure and refine advanced biofuels, as Lieutenant Commander Trivedi notes in his piece, not everyone is of the same opinion.

Even though DOD procurement of advanced biofuels enjoys wide bipartisan support, ALPA remains vigilant in fighting back against short-sighted attempts to halt the advances being made in the advanced biofuel industry. ALPA, along with our coalition partners, was successful in defeating an amendment by Senator Toomey (R-PA) yesterday which would have taken $60 million away from the DoD budget for the procurement of advanced biofuels. The final vote was 40-59 with bipartisan support for our position supporting biofuels.

Commander Trivedi is a spokesperson for Operation Free, one of our coalition partners with whom we work to ensure that DOD is allowed to lead us toward the commercialization of advanced biofuels as DOD has done on many other technologies.

David Martin works at the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA). This article originally appeared on Pilot Partisan.