Truman National Security Project

Team Truman joins Jon Stewart to Help Vets and Military Families


On Tuesday September 3, Members of team Truman were part of a Labor Day BBQ for Team Red, White, and Blue, an organization honoring and supporting Veterans and wounded warriors.

Here are some photos:

Jon Stewart with Truman staff, veterans, and friends: Fellow and Veteran Jonathan Hopkins, CEO Rachel Kleinfeld, VP Mike Breen, and Jonathan Murray, an Operation Free veteran.

Truman VP Mike Breen with Joe Klein of Time Magazine.

Truman’s Garrett Evenson, Digital Strategist and Doctrine Editor Danny Gaynor, and Advocacy Digital Media Associate John McCauley check in with The Daily Show host.

Jon Stewart with Truman CEO Rachel Kleinfeld, VP Mike Breen and a Truman Veteran and Fellow Jonathan Hopkins.

Stewart shares a story with some of the guests. Leadership Development Director Sidney Olinyk listens in.

VP Mike Breen cracks a joke with Communications Director David Solimini, COO Sarah Bruno, Jon Stewart, VP Mike Breen, and Truman Fellow Jonathan Hopkins.

Stewart gets into it with VP Mike Breen and Truman Fellow Jonathan Hopkins.

Stewart poses for a picture with Truman’s Veterans Director Justin Ford and friends.

(All photo credits: Susannah Stevens)