Truman responds to Trump Administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement

On Thursday 01 June 2017, President Trump announced that he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, a historic international effort, forged through American diplomacy and leadership, to combat the dangerous effects of climate change. Across the nation, the Truman community took action to oppose this move and stand for an America that innovates, uses, and exports the clean energy technology that will drive the 21st century by way of Chapter press action and media appearances.


Statement issued by Truman HQ on Wednesday 31 May

Message Guidance issued by Truman HQ on Thursday 01 June

Truman Project signed onto the #IAmStillIn effort urging Americans to signal to the rest of the world that they are still committed to the fight against climate change.

Chapter Engagement

Chicago Chapter Statement

Philadelphia Chapter Statement

San Diego Chapter Statement

San Francisco Chapter Joint Statement with Mayor Edwin Lee

Placed Media

05/13/17, The Boston Herald, Military sees climate change threat, by Brendan McKinnon, Truman Defense Council

06/01/17, The Tennessean, Rejecting climate change agreement harms US leadership, national security, Jonathan Gensler, Truman Security Fellow

06/02/17, LA Times, Donald Trump let the U.S. down by withdrawing from Paris Agreement, by Andrea Marr, Truman Defense Council

06/04/17, The Hill, Withdrawing from Paris agreement signals end of American exceptionalism, by Kevin Walling, Truman

06/06/17, Just Security, Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement: A Veteran’s Perspective, by Bishop Garrison, Truman Defense Council

06/07/17, Las Vegas Sun, Paris pact retreat will affect military, by Samuel Schumach, Truman Political Partner

06/07/17, Daytona News-Journal, Decision to exit Paris Agreement has political, military repercussions, by Diane Maye, Truman Defense Council

06/10/17,, Trump's withdrawal from Paris Agreement puts U.S. soldiers at risk, by Kamal Kalsi, Truman Defense Council

06/11/17, Detroit News, Paris withdrawal bad for U.S., by Joseph Tate, Truman Political Partner

06/11/17, San Antonio Express-News, Trump’s climate decision puts military men and women at risk, by Simran Jeet Singh, Truman Security Fellow

06/12/17, Truman Doctrine Blog, Abandoning the Paris Agreement Risks Troops and Undermines U.S. Leadership, by Ian Schuler, Truman Security Fellow

06/12/17, Iowa City Press-Citizen, Sen. Ernst, defend the Paris Agreement, by Jonathan Freeman, Truman Security Fellow

06/16/17, Defense One, If Trump Won’t Fight Climate Change, We Must — for the Troops’ Sake, by Michael Breen, Truman President and CEO, and Sherri Goodman, Member of the Center for Climate and Security’s Advisory Board