Leah Siskind (Partner ‘17) and Walker Gunning (Fellow ‘17)  - Co-Directors

Joseph Walsh (Defense Council ‘17) and Eric Gardiner (Defense Council ‘16) - Communications Directors


OUR CHAPTER VISION: To be a platform for our members as a voice and influence in U.S. Midwest political and civic affairs in order to promote the Truman worldview and meet the national security challenges of our time.

OUR CHAPTER MISSION: To foster an engaged and diverse Truman network in Chicago and provide opportunities to chapter members for learning, leadership, outreach and advocacy as it relates to the national security issues of greatest significance to the U.S. Midwest.

OUR PEOPLE: The Chicago Chapter of Truman National Security Project is the fifth largest Chapter in the country, with 88 total members from 2005-2018. The total membership is currently 50% Partners, 35% Fellows, and 15% DefCon. Our members work across many sectors, including consulting, medicine, nonprofit management, business, entrepreneurship, law, politics, government and education. Truman Project is a 501(c)(4) social welfare nonprofit organization.


6/25/18, Truman Doctrine Blog, Why Empty Korean Concessions Could Lead To Iranian Nukes, by Oren Jacobson, Truman Political Partnership

6/18/18, The New York Times, ‘Mayor Pete’ Gets Married, Then Takes His Husband to a Pride Party, quotes Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Truman Security Fellow

4/21/18, ABC 57 News, Truman Project CEO Interviews Mayor Pete, IDEA Week Begins, featuring Michael Breen, President and CEO, Truman National Security Project, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Truman Security Fellow

4/19/18, South Bend Tribune, Schedule of Events for South Bends IDEA week, featuring Michael Breen, Truman National Security Project and Center for National Policy President and CEO, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Truman Security Fellow

3/13/18, Hyde Park Herald, Herald endorses Adrienne Irmer for State Rep. (D-25), featuring Adrienne Irmer, Truman Political Partner

2/1/18, The Hill, Trump tariff is too little too late, by Dan Misch, Truman Defense Council




New Member Welcome and Candidate Brief with Semeena Mustafa

Mon. January 11, 2018

Please help us to welcome the Chicago members of Truman's 2018 class!

Join us for a welcome reception on January 11th from 5:30-7:30 at the Alise Hotel in the loop.

In addition to the opportunity to meet the members of the new class and current chapter in Chicago, we'll have a brief international security briefing from Chicago Co-Director Walker Gunning and an Q&A session with Congressional candidate Sameena Mustafa.

Truman members, please come by to greet the new class and hear more about what we have planned for 2018.

Truman Project Chicago Chapter Event with State Senator Daniel Biss

Thu. October 5, 2017 - 5:00pm

Please join us at the beautiful Alise Hotel in the loop for an off-the-record fireside chat with Daniel Biss, member of the Illinois Senate and current candidate for Governor of Illinois. We'll discuss international relations, security, and policy.

Chicago Chapter Meet and Greet with Kelli Dunaway

Tue. September 19, 2017 - 6:00pm

Please join us at the beautiful Alise Hotel in the loop for an off-the-record fireside chat with Daniel Biss, member of the Illinois Senate and current candidate for Governor of Illinois. We'll discuss international relations, security, and policy.

Chicago Chapter Leadership Planning Meeting

Wed. September 6, 2017

Chapter Social and Recruitment Event

Wed. August 30, 2017 - 6:00pm

Join current Truman Members from the Chicago Chapter for this social event and learn what Truman Project is all about! Drinks will be provided.


Truman National Security Project is a member-based organization. Our members enter our community through one of three paths: the Defense Council, the Political Partnership, or the Security Fellowship. All three cohorts follow the same first year training programs, which lead to the same goal: full Truman membership. Each cohort is full of skilled, passionate leaders who share a commitment to public service and a strong interest in national security. The main difference between the cohorts lies in the particular background and experience of each member. A community of equals, each cohort significantly contributes to Truman Project, the national security conversation, and the larger realm of public service.  

Fellows are policy experts, academics, and other thought leaders who anticipate and articulate new global challenges and opportunities. Many work within the U.S. national security apparatus and legislative bodies, as well as the international community and an expansive network of nongovernmental and private organizations.

Partners are political leaders, advocates, communicators, journalists, and aspiring or actively serving public officials. Fluent in campaign management, media, journalism, organizing, and more, they advance progressive principles and a shared liberal internationalist worldview at all levels of civil society.

Members of the Defense Council include veterans and frontline civilians who have firsthand experience implementing U.S. foreign policy. They have wide-ranging expertise in hard security and an ongoing professional interest in defense and intelligence operations as they continue to serve in government, business, policy, and nonprofit ventures.