Truman National Security Project Philadelphia Chapter Statement on President Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

Philadelphia, PA – In response to President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, Truman National Security Project Philadelphia Chapter Director Welton Chang issued the following statement:

“President Trump’s attack on the on the Paris Climate Agreement is an affront to core American principles of diplomacy, pluralism, and sustainability. Pulling out of the Paris Agreement is an abdication of American leadership; it abandons our once-essential seat at the table, and while we ‘go it alone,’ other countries will win on investments in clean energy, fight together against the common security risks stemming from climate change, and continue to cooperate closely on a range of international issues.”

“Philadelphia knows the local effects of climate change all too well. While President Trump called out a Pennsylvania city in his announcement, he failed to see that our state is leading the effort to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and embrace the good paying jobs that come with renewable energy. Climate change has the potential to impact our local economy, including limiting the proposed expansion of Philadelphia International Airport.”

“For the sake of our local community, as well as the broader national security, economic prosperity, and personal health of Americans, Philadelphia will continue to fight against climate change and support the spirit and intent of the Paris Climate Agreement.”