Washington, DC


Marcus Coleman (Partner ‘17) - Chapter Co-Director

Lourdes Tiglao (Defense Council ‘15) - Chapter Co-Director

Cindy Romero (Partner ‘18) - Communications Co-Director

Phoebe Sweet (Partner ‘16) - Communications Co-Director


OUR PEOPLE: The Washington D.C. Chapter of Truman National Security Project is the largest chapter in the country, with 730 total members from 2005-2018. The total membership is currently 53% Fellows, 30% Partners, and 17% DefCon. Our members work across many sectors, including consulting, medicine, nonprofit management, business, entrepreneurship, law, politics, government and education. Truman Project is a 501(c)(4) social welfare nonprofit organization.


1/25/18, Ms. Magazine, We Can Avoid War with North Korea—If We Listen to Women Peacemakers, by Erica Fein, Truman Security Fellow

1/25/18, Cagle Cartoons, The False Choice Between the Dreamers and the Military, by Graham West, Truman Project Communications Director

1/24/18, Just Security, Two Notable Omissions in the Mattis National Defense Strategy, by Mark Nevitt, Truman Defense Council Member

1/24/18, Audioboom (Podcast), Episode 33: President Trump and the Legality of Nuclear War, featuring Rob Bracknell, Truman Defense Council Member

1/23/18, Reuters, Commentary:  A tale of a tanker, Russian gas, sanctions and energy politics, by Agina Grigas, Truman Security Fellow

1/23/18, Foreign Policy, Turkey Wants to Crush U.S. Allies in Syria. That Shouldn’t Surprise Anybody, by Amanda Sloat, Truman Security Fellow

1/22/18, iTunes (Podcast), Things That Go Boom, featuring Lacie Heeley, Truman Political Partner

1/22/18, Time, A Year Ago, They Marched. Now A Record Number of Women are Running for Office, featuring Gina Ortiz Jones, Truman Defense Council and Lauren Baer, Truman Security Fellow

1/19/18, Defense One, We Don’t Need a Bigger Nuclear Button, by Nathan Kohlenberg, Truman Security Fellow

1/18/18, Cagle Cartoons, The Consequences of our racist president, by Graham West, Truman Project Communications Director

1/17/18, Fortune, Commentary: I’m a Korean American. Why Is Trump Questioning How American I Am?, by Jessica Lee, Truman Security Fellow

1/11/18, The Atlantic, Shawn Brimley's Town, featuring the late Shawn Brimley, Truman Security Fellow

1/11/18, Cagle Cartoons, A New Russia Story That's Largely Been Overlooked, by Graham West, Truman Project Communications Director

1/8/18, Huff Post, Oprah’s Essential Lesson for Political Candidates, by Frank Spring, Truman Political Partner

1/6/18, Al Jazeera, US working 'to fix' Iran nuclear deal: Tillerson, featuring Bassima Alghussein, Truman Political Partner

1/5/18, The Diplomat, Why Trump Should Embrace Economic Multilateralism, by Ali Wyne, Truman Security Fellow

1/5/18, Huff Post, She Quit Working For Trump. Now She’s Running For Congress To Fight Him., featuring Gina Ortiz Jones, Truman Defense Council

1/5/18, Al Jazeera, Bassima Alghussein on the Iran Deal, featuring Bassima Alghussein, Truman Political Partner

1/5/18, Foreign Affairs, Why the Protests Won't Change Iran's Foreign Policy, by Ariane Tabatabai, Truman Security Fellow

1/4/18, Virginia-Pilot, The cost of ignoring climate change, by Terron Sims II, Truman Security Fellow

1/4/18, Newsweek, Meet Alexandra Chandler, The Transgender Military Intelligence Analyst Running for Congress, featuring Alexandra Chandler, Truman Defense Council

1/4/18, Cagle Cartoons, Protests in Iran Require Care and Nuance, by Graham West, Truman Project Communications Director

1/4/18, Defense One, American Ideals Beat the USSR. Why Aren’t We Using Them Against Russia?, by Dr. Jeff Mankoff, Truman Security Fellow

1/3/18, TEDx San Diego, Women at the negotiating table - the missing piece in peacebuilding, featuring Mana Omar, Truman Security Fellow

1/3/18, Washington Post, They risked their lives to help U.S. troops. Now they’re driving for Lyft to get by., featuring Matt Zeller, Truman Security Fellow

1/2/18, Inkstick Media, Let’s Resolve to Add More Women of Color in National Security, by Bishop Garrison, Truman Defense Council

1/1/18, The Atlantic, Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand What’s Happening in Iran, by Ariane Tabatabai, Truman Security Fellow



January Chapter Meeting Featuring Josh Ulibarri of the Lake Research Partners

Thu. January 25, 2018 - 6:00pm

2017 was our first test to push back at the polls. You knocked on doors, made phone calls, and sent text messages. Some of you even worked for campaigns and ran for office. From New Hampshire to California, and all the way back to Virginia, your collective efforts helped elect people all across the country who stand for justice and equality.

Join us on January 25, 2017, at 6:00PM as we host Josh Ulibarri of Lake Research Partners, who served as the pollster for the Virginia House Democrats in 2017. He will provide a rundown the 2017 election year and talk about opportunities for progressives to achieve wins in 2018. Doors will open at 6:00pm and our conversation will begin promptly at 6:30pm.

About Josh: Joshua Ulibarri is a partner at Lake Research Partners. Joshua was the sole pollster in 2017 for the Virginia House Democratic Caucus in what was a historic election. His issue work covers the progressive spectrum. His research projects cover an impressive range of issues, including racial and LGBT equality, public education, poverty, health and science, responsible gun ownership, young voters, humane treatment of animals, and jury research. Known as a leading researcher among his generation of consultants, he is among the best methodologists and moderators in the field, and a sought-after Latino voice in progressive politics

A Conversation with David Rank

Tue. December 12, 2017 - 6:30pm

Please join us for a conversation with David Rank. He spent twenty-seven years in the Foreign Service, most recently as Chargé d’affaires at our embassy in Beijing.
When President Trump walked away from the Paris Climate Accords, Mr. Rank resigned. You may have seen him tell his story in the Washington Post:

Bridging the Gap: Understanding Cultural Bias, Inequality & Discrimination

Wed. November 15, 2017 - 6:30pm

Our first roundtable discussion will explore “cultural biases.” The event will give the Training Department a chance to share an overview of the new training and allow the Truman Community the opportunity to share input that will make it even more valuable. We look forward to you joining us for this timely and important event. If you have any questions regarding the round table or the training please email arobinson@trumanproject.org

Parenting for National Security Professionals

Mon. October 16, 2017 - 6:30pm

This discussion is intended for anyone who is interested in discussing this subject -- no actual experience is required -- as parents, supervisors and colleagues of parents, aspiring parents, or partners of aspiring parents. All are welcome to join.
Topics of discussion include: finding a partner with parenthood in mind; laying the groundwork for parenthood in your professional life; juggling demanding national security positions with the demands of raising children; childcare best (and worst) practices, including international travel; and how to talk about national security issues with young children, including navigating the unique challenge of "parenting in the age of Trump."

Truman Refugee Dinner

Wed. September 27, 2017 - 7:00pm

Please join us for a DC Truman refugee fundraising dinner at the home of Truman member Carmiel Arbit. All proceeds from the night will go to International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) and Refugees Thrive International's legal assistance to refugees here and abroad. We'll also discuss upcoming Truman efforts on the Trump refugee/Muslim ban ahead of October 10th's Supreme Court ruling on the ban.

Trumanpalooza: The HOTTEST Ticket in DC this summer

Sat. August 19, 2017 - 4:00

Trumanpalooza, Truman's annual festival-o-fun, is quickly approaching. Celebrate the summer with your fellow Trumanites at Trumanpalooza, where a bunch of nerds eat Costco burgers and chips, drink too much Miller Lite, and rail against some travesty in the world.


Truman National Security Project is a member-based organization. Our members enter our community through one of three paths: the Defense Council, the Political Partnership, or the Security Fellowship. All three cohorts follow the same first year training programs, which lead to the same goal: full Truman membership. Each cohort is full of skilled, passionate leaders who share a commitment to public service and a strong interest in national security. The main difference between the cohorts lies in the particular background and experience of each member. A community of equals, each cohort significantly contributes to Truman Project, the national security conversation, and the larger realm of public service.  

Fellows are policy experts, academics, and other thought leaders who anticipate and articulate new global challenges and opportunities. Many work within the U.S. national security apparatus and legislative bodies, as well as the international community and an expansive network of nongovernmental and private organizations.

Partners are political leaders, advocates, communicators, journalists, and aspiring or actively serving public officials. Fluent in campaign management, media, journalism, organizing, and more, they advance progressive principles and a shared liberal internationalist worldview at all levels of civil society.

Members of the Defense Council include veterans and frontline civilians who have firsthand experience implementing U.S. foreign policy. They have wide-ranging expertise in hard security and an ongoing professional interest in defense and intelligence operations as they continue to serve in government, business, policy, and nonprofit ventures.