Statement from Jenna on Sen. Harris Being Named Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Candidate

The selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as Vice President Biden’s running mate represents an important step towards restoring good governance at home and principled global engagement abroad. As Vice President, Sen. Harris will help lead efforts to repair strained alliances and confront adversaries with strength, savvy, and good judgement. Our ability to advance our interests abroad starts with healing at home. Sen. Harris’ nomination to assume our nation’s second-highest office is a step in the right direction. Truman is proud of its longstanding relationship with Sen. Harris, a Truman Advisory Board member. As the first HBCU graduate on a major party ticket, we know she’s ready to lead with a bold vision for a stronger, more inclusive America. Truman’s nationwide membership of next generation national security leaders is proud to support Biden-Harris as we all work to win in November and begin America’s path to healing and growth at home and abroad.