Truman Community Weighs In: Refugee and Muslim Ban EO

On Wednesday 25 January 2017 and Friday 27 January 2017, the Trump Administration released a series of Executive Orders targeting immigrants, refugees, and citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations. Across the nation, the Truman community sprung into action by weighing in on air and in print, organizing Chapter press statements and events, and attending airport protests as lawyers, translators, and citizens. Below is a sampling of their incredible efforts.


Statement issued by Truman HQ on Wednesday 25 January

Message Guidance issued by Truman HQ on Friday 27 January

Veterans Letter, co-branded with Center for American Progress Action Fund, signed by 300+ veterans, and launched via a press call on Monday 30 January

Chapter Engagement

San Diego Chapter Press Conference on 27 January, feat. Shawn VanDiver, Omar Passons, and Gil Cabrerra (plus local elected officials and an SIV recipient)

San Francisco Chapter Press Conference on 31 January, feat. Daisy Pistey-Lyhne, Josh Weinberg, Hala Hijazi, Zeba Khan, and Matt Haney (plus a local immigration leader)

Los Angeles Chapter Open Letter, with 30 officials (ranging from members of the U.S. House of Representative to members of various city councils) signing on

Philadelphia Chapter Open Letter on immigration

Philadelphia Chapter Open Letter on refugee and Muslim bans

Texas Chapter Statement

Atlanta Chapter Statement

Dallas Partner Press Conference, feat. Nicole Green

Austin Partner Press Conference, feat. Ashley Moran

States in blue saw an earned media mention of Truman in a local market; states in purple saw an earned media mention of Truman in a local market and at least one op-ed by a Truman member in a local media market

Earned Media

MSNBC hit on Sunday 30 January, feat. Michael Breen interviewed by Ari Melber

AP wire hit by Julie Watson quotes Michael Breen and Matt Zeller, and was syndicated 390 times to local outlets in 48 states plus Washington, DC, outlets with national audiences, and outlets in 12 countries outside the United States

Politico hit on 30 January by Nahal Toosi features a letter signed by senior national security officials, including Michael Breen

Huffington Post hit by Matt Fuller, quotes Michael Breen after the House Dems hearing on 02 February

Fox News hits (part 1, part 2) on 03 February, feat. Michael Breen debating Tucker Carlson

Hits related to the San Diego Chapter’s Press Conference:

1/27/17, San Diego Union Tribune (CA), Local backlash over Trump’s order to temporarily halt visas, start ‘extreme vetting’

1/27/17, Fox 5 News San Diego (CA), San Diego Chapter of the Truman National Security Project had a Press Conference Against the Refugee Ban

1/27/17, CW6 News San Diego (CA), San Diego Chapter of the Truman National Security Project had a Press Conference Against the Refugee Ban

1/31/17, San Diego Free Press (CA), Honor Our Promise: US Vets Ask Trump to Rescind Executive Order, feat. CAP AF letter from above

Hits related to the San Francisco Chapter’s Press Conference:

1/30/17, NBC Bay Area (CA), SF Resistance to Trump's Immigration Order Grows

1/30/17, CBS SFBay Area (CA), San Francisco Unified Promises Support For Families Concerned About Immigration Ban

1/30/17, KTVU Fox 2 Oakland (CA), Reaction to Executive Orders

1/30/17, Univision, "Los musulmanes son gente buena": puertorriqueño convertido al Islam

Hits related to the Texas partner events:

1/31/17, Central Track, A Vigil for Solidarity in Dallas

1/30/17, Dallas Morning News (TX),  raqi in wheelchair released after 15-hour dentition at DFW Airport under Trump’s travel ban

Hits from individual member efforts in earned media:

1/30/17, (SC), USC Expert Concerned about Immigration Executive Order, feat. Hamid Khan, Truman Security Fellow

1/31/17, 89.3 KPCC (CA), Trump's travel ban halts visas for Iraqis who helped US military, feat. Kelsey Campbell, Truman Defense Council

1/29/17, LA Times (CA), We don't know exactly what 'extreme vetting' will look like, but screening for refugees is already pretty tough, quotes Noah Gottschalk, Truman Security Fellow

Placed Media

1/28/17, Washington Post, Will we be forced into a religious test? The dangerous questions Muslims are facing, by Shadi Hamid, Truman Security Fellow

1/29/17, CNN, Trump's ban is disguise for xenophobia, by Shahed Amanullah, Truman Security Fellow

2/1/17, Sun Sentinel (FL), Immigration ban goes against our founding values, by Ricardo Rangel, Truman Political Partner

2/1/17, Boston Herald (MA), Travel ban betrays American values, by Timothy H. Kistner, Truman Political Partner

2/2/17, Vox, Inside the brutal, thorough process of vetting refugees, by Susannah Cunningham, Truman Security Fellow

2/2/17, Montana Standard (MT): Letter to my Iraqi interpreter, by Andrew Person, Truman Security Fellow

2/2/17, Task and Purpose, A Former MARSOC Raider Explains How The Travel Ban Endangers Special Operations Forces, by Peter Kiernan, Truman Defense Council

2/2/17, The Statesman (NY), Immigration order opposes American values, by Jonathan Harrington, Truman Security Fellow

2/3/17, LA Times’ SoCal Daily Pilot (CA), Trump's order is an affront to American values, by Andrea Marr, Truman Defense Council

2/3/17, Statesman Journal (OR), Salem pair say Muslim ban goes against nation's principles, by Kim Olson, Truman Security Fellow, and Scott Olson, Truman Political Partner

2/3/17, San Diego Union Tribune (CA), Egregious Mistake to Haunt U.S. (print only), by Shawn VanDiver, Truman Defense Council

2/4/17, U.S. News and World Report, Remember What We're Fighting For, Michael Breen, Truman CEO & President

2/5/17, Inside Sources, Trump’s Order Betrays America’s Commitments, by Brendan McKinnon, Truman Defense Council

2/7/17, PennLive (PA), Trump’s travel ban doesn’t represent the America I served and defended, by Koma Gandy Fischbein, Truman Security Fellow

2/8/17, The Times and Democrat (SC), Trump’s order is betrayal, by Brendan McKinnon, Truman Defense Council

2/8/17, The Alexandria Gazette Packet (VA), Choosing One’s Future, by Monique Alcala, Truman Political Partner

2/8/17, The Jewish Exponent (PA), The Muslim Ban Goes Against Our Values, by Jonathan Krause, Truman Political Partner

2/12/17, The Everett Herald (WA), Trump’s travel ban is wrong way to fight terrorism, by John McCauley, Truman Political Partner

2/12/17, The Fayetteville Observer (NC), Travel ban a disastrous move, by Jason Cain, Truman Defense Council

2/13/17, The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel (WI), Trump’s ban doesn’t make us safer, co-authored by Danny Gaynor, Truman Security Fellow

2/13/17, Lima Charlie, Muslim Ban does little to advance security, and is a setback towards combating extremism, Nathaniel Dowds, Truman Defense Council

2/14/17, Holland Sentinel (MI), My Take: America must remain open to refugees, by Amanda Sloat, Truman Security Fellow

2/16/17, (AL), Our American dream is an Alabama dream. Here's why that matters to you, by Jennifer Atala, Truman Security Fellow