Truman is Fired Up for Biden-Harris and the DNC. Join Us!

The Truman Community celebrates Vice President Biden’s selection of Truman Advisory Board Member Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Wow - it feels good to write those words! Here at Truman, we know Sen. Harris’ selection represents an important step towards restoring good governance at home and principled global engagement abroad. As the future Vice President, Sen. Harris will help lead efforts to repair strained alliances and confront adversaries with strength, savvy, and good judgement. Our ability to advance our interests abroad begins with healing at home. As the first HBCU graduate on a major party ticket, we know she’s ready to lead with a bold vision for a stronger, more inclusive America. 

Now’s the time to come together to win in November and begin America’s path to healing and growth at home and abroad.
This starts with our engagement at the DNC next week. We have a LOT of exciting content planned. So buckle up, dig in, and share these great opportunities. We hope to see you there and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for updates and reminders.

Building Back Better: A Post Trump Foreign Policy with Senator Chris Murphy

Tuesday, August 18
4:30 - 6:00pm ET

Our kick-off event with Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) will focus on how we build back better. Join us for the Senator’s keynote and a panel discussion on climate, human rights, and global health to follow. Produced together with our partners Foreign Policy for America, J Street, Quincy Institute, Oxfam America Action Fund, and National Security Action.

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“Two Weeks in November: A Post-Election Scenarios Discussion” Panel

Wednesday, August 19
11am - 12pm ET

On the margins of the DNC, Truman will host a discussion on how America should prepare for an election night without real-time results and clear winners. Much of the voting infrastructure will be unfamiliar and untested, cobbled together to make an election possible at all in a socially-distanced world. As a result of the expected record-setting numbers of mail-in ballots, official results may take weeks laying waste to most American’s expectation for what a “normal” election looks like. Join the discussion to engage with our all-Truman panel of experts.

This period—known by international electoral observers as the counting period—is vulnerable to aggressive disinformation campaigns that will attempt to undermine the credibility of our elections and will be the lynchpin of whether November’s election is perceived as credible or not. The two weeks following the election will be ripe for chaos. In turn, that level of credibility may, for the first time in our lifetimes, determine whether there is a peaceful transfer of power in the United States.

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Truman + Bunmi Akinnusotu’s What in the World? Podcast Partnership

Thursday, August 20
Launching at 10am ET

Truman will launch its first-ever podcast episode in partnership with Security Fellow Bunmi Akinnusotu for a special DNC episode of her podcast What in the World? She will interview other Truman members about why every American is a national security voter—they just may not know it.

The special episode titled, All Eyes on US: How America Should Walk its Talk, will feature a bold and honest conversation about how the DNC and progressive leaders can seize the moment to rebuild America’s global reputations and leadership with voters. We will provide insights and recommendations for how progessive leaders and their constituents can rethink the US foreign policy—because the world is watching. Together, they will discuss national security issues through three core lenses: global threats, trade, and human rights.

We want to thank Bunmi for helping us produce this important conversation. Her podcast is a favorite on our podcast lists because it offers fresh perspectives—often from people of color—and encourages Americans to recognize foreign policy issues in their own lives. Jenna was thrilled to be a guest on Bunmi’s pod years ago and it’s so exciting to see how it’s grown.

Available on Soundcloud, Apple, Spotify, and Google Pods.