Truman Project Calls for Attorney General Barr’s Resignation

“Yesterday, Attorney General Barr was caught in a lie. Barr said previously that he did not know why Special Counsel Mueller’s team would object to his summary of their investigation; a letter from Mueller to Barr, sent before that claim, proves this false. The attorney general also continued to quarrel with specific claims in the special counsel’s report, all while acknowledging he had not reviewed all of the underlying evidence supporting it.”

“Now, by refusing to appear before the House Judiciary Committee or comply with the subpoena for the unredacted Mueller report, Attorney General Barr has made it clear that his priority is to excuse and cover-up the actions of President Trump--actions meant to conceal the findings of an investigation into a direct attack on our democracy. The role of the attorney general is to defend the American people, not to be the President’s personal lawyer. His defense of the president, in this case an abrogation of the rule of law, is a danger to our national security. Congress and the administration should work to ensure the security of our election infrastructure against further Russian interference in 2020. Doing so is essential to ensure fair electoral outcomes and to maintain the confidence of the American people in our elections--a defining pillar of our democracy.”

“Congress must receive the full Mueller report, and hear testimony from all those they consider relevant--including Mueller, McGhan, and Barr. The investigation into obstruction of justice must continue in Congress, per the Mueller report’s direction, and legislation to ensure election security deserves bipartisan support. And Attorney General Barr, having lost the confidence of the American people, should resign.”