Truman Project Responds to State Department Investigation into Improper Conduct

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to a new report by the State Department Office of the Inspector General, Truman President and CEO Jenna Ben-Yehuda issued the following statement:

“We are alarmed by the Inspector General’s findings that Trump administration appointees routinely harassed career State Department employees over their perceived political views. Employees were mistreated, stripped of their responsibilities and called ‘traitors.’ One top career employee was inappropriately forced out of her position.

“This kind of offensive behavior is absolutely unacceptable and has no place in our national security workforce. It’s particularly egregious when bias and misconduct flourish at the State Department, which carries out our nation’s policies on the world stage. 

“Truman members work throughout the State Department. I personally spent 12 years there. The work of the agency must transcend politics, and career employees must be allowed to perform their critical duties without political bias or interference. 

“We urge Secretary Pompeo to move quickly to address the OIG’s recommendations to reduce deficiencies in management and take appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible for this misconduct, starting with firing IO Assistant Secretary Moley. Trust has been lost, but the work of the State Department is far too important for this dysfunction to continue.”

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