Truman Project Statement on Gov. Rick Perry Confirmation Hearing

On the basis of Gov. Perry’s complete lack of experience in dealing with the most devastating weapons in the world--the nuclear arsenal of the United States--we overwhelmingly object to his nomination to the position of Energy Secretary.   

Just five years ago, Gov. Perry stumbled through an argument, on the stage of a nationally televised presidential primary debate, that he would entirely eliminate the Department of Energy—demonstrating an astounding lack of both intellectual depth and perspective for consequences. A few days’ study of the department’s immense programming portfolio is entirely insufficient for any nominee, especially when the leadership post in question requires stewardship over our nuclear arsenal. Neither of these points were given sufficient attention in the hearing, beyond weak assurances in Gov. Perry’s opening statement; on the whole, it was an entirely unserious exercise in empty process.

The energy landscape facing the United States of America in the 21st century has challenges and opportunities beyond any in history. Developing the technological advancements to fight climate change and maximize our usage clean energy will lead America to greater security, prosperity, and global leadership; proper management our nuclear weapons is a question of existential magnitude. These are not tasks that can be taken lightly.