Truman Project Statement on President Trump’s Address

“There is no national emergency on our southern border, despite the White House’s repeated use of lies, exaggerations, and racist rhetoric to claim otherwise. People fleeing extreme violence and seeking a life of opportunity for their children and themselves do not constitute a national security threat.”

“The only immigration crisis in this country is that wrought by the Trump Administration’s cruelty and callousness, including the rescinding of DACA, the separation and detention of migrant children and parents in unacceptable facilities (which has resulted in trauma and death), increasingly draconian rules for asylum-seekers, a pitiful rate of refugee acceptance, an overtly xenophobic ‘Muslim ban,’ and continued attacks on immigrant communities across the nation.”

“This government shutdown, which punishes hard working federal workers and contractors, is entirely the result of the president’s insistence on wasting more than $5 billion of taxpayer money on a border wall. This vanity project would not only fail to make us safer—in fact, it would actively sap resources from the programs and people that do. Leaders in Congress must reject the president’s bluster and move to reopen the government with already-existing bipartisan legislation.”