Truman Project Statement on President Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Washington, DC -- Following the declaration of a national emergency by President Trump, Truman Project Interim Executive Director Bishop Garrison issued the following statement:

“There is no national emergency on our southern border. This declaration is simply a result of the fact that no one but President Trump and his most devoted supporters want a border wall.”

“Mexico refused to pay for the wall. Congress refuses to pay for the wall. The American people overwhelmingly oppose the wall. The president has tried to hold federal workers, contractors, and services hostage in exchange for the wall. The wall will neither make us safer nor solve the problems the president claims it will. So now, he is taking a truly extreme measure:Unilaterally re-appropriating money to fund his useless vanity project.”

“This hijacking of funds is a completely shameful abuse of presidential power for political gain. Leaders in Congress must immediately pass a resolution to terminate this fraudulent emergency, and consider pursuing legal action against the president.”