Truman Project Statement on Published and Anticipated Executive Orders

Washington, DC – In response to President Trump’s executive orders signed today on immigration and those rumored for tomorrow on refugees and other immigration programs, Truman Project President and CEO Michael Breen issued the following statement:

“President Trump’s executive orders, presented under the deliberately misleading guise of ‘national security,’ are an assault on American pluralism and a failure to live up to the values that make our nation great. Moreover, they do nothing to enhance the security and safety of Americans, instead introducing a number of unnecessary, redundant, and cruel bureaucratic hurdles to families at home and abroad who view our country as a beacon of hope.”

“We already have a process to keep us safe while welcoming refugees to our nation, and we do so not just because it is morally right and a traditional display of American leadership to the world, but because it is in our national security interest to do so. A ban to keep any one group from visiting our country—no matter how arbitrary it is—will be as ineffective at keeping us safe as it is offensive to our conception of freedom of thought, speech, and worship. And finally, his new policies on immigration, among them the wasteful border wall and the draconian threats to sanctuary cities, have no regard for the people they put at risk or the insult they do to the founding values of this country.”

“Going forward, there should be no illusions that the Trump Administration will exercise any semblance of restraint when it comes to implementing the basest, most aggressive impulses of its despicable campaign rhetoric as policy. It is abhorrent that any child should have to go to bed in fear of being separated from their family by the government of the United States of America. This abdication of duty in favor of selfishness, grace in favor of anger, and patriotism in favor of fear is an utter disgrace.”