Truman Project Statement on Rapid Syria Withdrawal

Washington, DC — Today, in response to the Trump Administration’s announcement that U.S. troops in Syria are preparing for a rapid withdrawal, Truman Project Interim Executive Director Bishop Garrison issued the following statement.

“For nearly two years, the Trump Administration has been escalating U.S. military activities in Syria with no proper legal authority, plan for the political or military endgame, or regard for the human consequences. In that respect, this end to their lack of strategic policy concerning Syria is welcome.”

“The American people, however, deserve an explanation for this rapid change of plans. What goals were achieved in Syria, and what is the plan for political and economic engagement moving forward? Why is this administration taking this course of action potentially against advice of military leadership? Given that yesterday the former National Security Adviser--whose partners were recently indicted for their lobbying on behalf of Turkey--was in court for sentencing regarding his connection to Russia, the timing of this announcement warrants further investigation. This is an administration that holds close ties to Russia and Saudi Arabia, and has been marred by scandals and a lack of transparency.”