Truman Project Statement on Rex Tillerson Nomination Hearing

Washington, D.C.- In response to Rex Tillerson's nomination hearing for Secretary of State, Truman National Security Project President and CEO Mike Breen issued the following statement:

“Rex Tillerson, President-Elect Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, seemed to spend much of his confirmation confused and uncertain, saying that he “didn’t know” or needed “more information” a total of 27 times. He also muddied the waters on his own troubling remarks vis-à-vis sanctioning Russia for its illegal invasion of Crimea, demonstrating a lack of understanding and depth or a poor attempt to navigate through conflicted interests. For an incoming administration that has been alarmingly shallow on the nature and detail of the threats facing Americans in the world today, this was not a reassuring message.”

“When the Secretary of State steps out on the world stage, he or she must clearly articulate and fiercely defend the American worldview that has promoted security and prosperity since the post-World War II era. This means putting American values at the forefront of our diplomatic work with allies and adversaries alike, and approaching every challenge and opportunity with nuance and care.”

“Ultimately, based on Tillerson’s lack of international affairs or public service qualifications, his apparent dearth of knowledge on a range of international issues, and his muddied answers on questions concerning the differences between the Russian and American worldviews and the basic tenets of American foreign policy, we strongly reject his nomination for United States Secretary of State.”