Truman Project Statement on Scott Pruitt Nomination Hearing

“Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has demonstrated via his career and his rhetoric that he is antagonistic to the very mission of the critical body that he has been nominated to lead. His lobbying on behalf of oil companies, opposition to clean energy innovation, and repeatedly expressed disbelief in the clear consensus of scientific thought behind climate change makes him an absurd fit for the role of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator.”

“Climate change is real, and the military knows that it is a threat to stability around the world, resilience at home, and our men and women in uniform all over. It is far past time for our political leaders to stop playing games and follow the lead of our national security experts in preparing to mitigate the associated risks. American security, prosperity, and leadership abroad are all dependent on continuing to take climate change and clean energy seriously in 2017 and beyond.”

“On the basis of Attorney General Pruitt’s hostility to the agency he has been nominated to lead and his consistent denial of the overwhelming science behind climate change, we categorically disagree with his nomination.”