Truman Project Statement on State of the Union

Washington, DC -- Following the conclusion of tonight’s State of the Union Address, Truman Project Interim Executive Director Bishop Garrison issued the following statement:

"Although the delivery proved more moderate and even-keeled, the message behind President Trump's address remained the same and featured many of the self-aggrandizing boasts and outright lies we have seen previously."

“Once again, the president showed that he has little conception of what it takes to keep our country safe at home and respected abroad. He continues to overhype the threat from Iran while downplaying real concerns on Russia and North Korea, failed to offer specifics on vague policies from Syria to China, and insists on drumming up a nonexistent crisis on the southern border.”

“All in all, tonight showed that the only way forward is for leaders in Congress and outside the beltway to continue fighting to check the president’s excesses, denounce his bigotry and dishonesty, and demand answers for his failures.”