Truman Project Statement on Tehran’s Announcement Regarding the P5+1 Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Washington, DC – Following this morning’s announcement regarding Tehran’s compliance with the P5+1 Nuclear Agreement (also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the Iran Deal), Truman President and CEO Jenna Ben-Yehuda issued the following statement:

“One year later, the consequences of President Trump’s choice to break the Iran Deal against the advice of his national security advisors are clear. Iran’s decision to stop exporting enriched uranium and heavy water is clearly in direct response to unilateral U.S. sanctions. Moreover, President Rouhani’s indication that Iran may choose to fully withdraw from the agreement in 60 days is alarming; it will be up to our allies and partners to engage in principled diplomacy to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

“The United States should be leading the effort to build on the progress of the agreement. Instead, thanks to President Trump, Secretary Pompeo, and National Security Advisor Bolton, we’re left on the sidelines, threatening to sanction our own partners and stirring up tensions in the region. It is clear that the ‘better deal’ that so many opponents of diplomacy have repeatedly promised is nowhere in sight—instead, we’re left in a more unstable and insecure position than before. It is up to leaders in Congress to oppose further political, economic, and military efforts by the Trump Administration to stoke conflict with Iran, and all presidential contenders should prepare to outline how they will use tough, principled diplomacy to move forward as events continue to develop.”