Truman Project Statement on the Indictment of Roger Stone

Washington, DC -- Following the indictment and arrest of Trump campaign advisor and confidant Roger Stone by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Truman Interim Executive Director Bishop Garrison issued the following statement:

“Roger Stone has been a corrosive influence on American politics for years, but these crimes are beyond the pale even for him. Stone’s collaboration with Wikileaks, which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once called ‘a hostile intelligence service,’ is definitive proof of collusion between Russia and the Trump orbit, if not the campaign itself: By learning about, hyping, and disseminating information stolen by foreign hackers, Stone was working to influence a U.S. election according to a foreign power’s designs.”

“President Trump cannot distance himself from a close personal friend and business contact like Stone. While the Stone indictment does not necessarily implicate the president, it shows that senior Trump campaign officials were aware of and in fact cheering on his collusion with Wikileaks until at least October 2016. It also makes the rationale for Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation painfully clear, and shows that concerns about the deliberate obstruction of that investigation are far from unfounded.”

“To safeguard the special counsel from presidential retribution as he concludes his critical work, Congress needs to move forward with existing, bipartisan legislation that will protect him from a politically-motivated firing immediately.”