Truman Project Statement on the Nomination of William Barr as Attorney General

Washington, DC -- Following the conclusion of the confirmation hearings for William Barr to the post of attorney general, Truman Project Interim Executive Director Bishop Garrison issued the following statement:

“William Barr is undoubtedly a more professional and competent nominee for this post than Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. Nonetheless, he did not provide adequate answers and assurances during his time before the Senate, and his past actions and current views give cause for concern.”

“Barr refused to recuse himself from overseeing Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, despite his past unsolicited criticisms of the investigation. He also could not commit to Watergate-style guarantees to protect the special counsel from a politically-motivated firing, nor would he promise to make the investigation’s findings public. These failures, along with Barr’s expansive views of executive power and his prior involvement with cases where pardons were issued for behavior tangent to obstruction of justice, are too great to be ignored.”   

“Given Barr’s past actions, current views, and overall unwillingness to provide specific, ironclad guarantees related to Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, the Senate Judiciary Committee should not confirm him as attorney general.”