Truman Project Statement on the Release of a Redacted Version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Report

Washington, DC – Following the release of a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Truman President and CEO Jenna Ben-Yehuda issued the following statement:

“While there is much to digest in Special Counsel Mueller’s report, some things are already clear.”

“First, the report affirms what our intelligence community knew to be true but the president has consistently denied: Russia attacked our democracy in 2016 by interfering in our election. People close to President Trump and his campaign had numerous interactions with Russians, including those they suspected were ‘spies,’ and later lied about those meetings. Moreover, whether coordinated or not, many members of the Trump orbit also eagerly spread digital content that had been created or stolen and disseminated by Russians.”

“Special Counsel Mueller also found 10 instances where President Trump may have obstructed justice in the course of the investigation—a far cry from ‘total exoneration.’ The report describes people around the president ignoring or refusing his demands to pressure the Department of Justice or even fire the special counsel and prematurely end his investigation. On the whole, the special counsel makes it clear that the question of obstruction must be referred to Congress for further judgement.”

“In summary, this investigation was never a hoax, and the ‘game,’ as the president calls it, is not over. Congress must continue to demand the full version of the report, call Special Counsel Mueller to testify on these findings, and pursue its own investigations as further details come to light.”