Truman’s Statement on the Trump Administration’s dismissal of State Department Inspector General, Steve Linick

WASHINGTON DC - The Truman National Security Project condemns the Trump administration’s dismissal of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick and fully supports the Congressional probe into Mr. Linick’s dismissal launched by Congressman Eliot Engel and Senator Robert Menendez. Linick’s removal, which appears to be in retaliation for his efforts to investigate the president’s sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia without congressional approval and inappropriate taskings by Secretary Pompeo of professional staff, is the third such dismissal of an Inspector General in recent weeks. These acts reflect a White House intent on eliminating oversight mechanisms designed to reveal corruption, waste, fraud and abuse. Inspectors General do not report to the President, but rather to the American taxpayer and their representatives in Congress who ensure Executive Branch agencies operate within the law and remain subject to oversight. Politically-motivated efforts to remove these independent watchdogs represent nothing short of an orchestrated attack on the constitutional balance of power.