New York


Sarah Barton (Fellow ‘12) - Chapter Co-Director

Tahlia Burton (Defense Council ‘17)  - Chapter Co-Director

Conner Maher (Defense Council ‘15) - Chapter Co-Director

Kara Allen (Partner ‘18) - Chapter Deputy Director

Olivia Holt-Ivry (Fellow '18) - Chapter Deputy Director


OUR PEOPLE: The New York Chapter of Truman National Security Project is the second largest chapter in the country, with 200 total members from 2005-2018. The total membership is currently 56% Fellows, 25% Partners, and 19% DefCon. Our members work across many sectors, including consulting, medicine, nonprofit management, business, entrepreneurship, law, politics, government and education. Truman Project is a 501(c)(4) social welfare nonprofit organization.


6/26/18, CBS News, "It's OK to not be OK": Suicide attempt survivors offer insight and advice, features Kris Goldsmith, Truman Defense Council

6/20/18, RealClear Defense, From Fire and Fury to Flattery: An Unintended Consequence of Preventive War, by Mark Hannah, Truman Political Partner

6/15/18, Carnegie Council, The Singapore Summit & the Specter of Trump, featuring Devin Stewart, Truman Security Fellow

6/13/18, Medium, In Defense of the Trump-Kim Summit, by Devin Stewart, Truman Security Fellow

6/8/16, Foreign Affairs, North Korea Is Ultimately China's Problem, co-authored by Isaac Stone Fish, Truman Security Fellow

5/23/18, Daily Kos, I sued President Trump, and I won, by Rebecca Pilar Buckwalter Poza, Truman Political Partner

5/23/18, The Washington Post, Can Politico pull off its new partnership with a Chinese-owned paper?, by Isaac Stone Fish, Truman Security Fellow

5/14/18, Truman Doctrine Blog, Salvaging Democracy: The Importance of Galvanizing Voter Turnout in the Age of Citizens United, by Tahlia Burton, Truman Defense Council

5/11/18, Defense News, 5 reasons Trump scrapping the Iran nuke deal was an incredibly stupid decision, by Sherry Hakimi, Truman Security Fellow

5/10/18, Ms. Magazine, Three Lessons from the Women Who Rebuilt Tunisia’s Constitution, by Truman Security Fellows Olivia Holt-Ivry and Nanako Tamaru

5/6/2018, CNN, United Shades of America, Featuring Kamal Kalsi, Truman Defense Council

4/16/18,The Doctrine Blog, Women, Peace, and Security at the Domestic Level, by Olivia Holt-Ivory, Truman Security Fellow

4/16/18, Cision, Eurasia Group Foundation Names Mark Hannah research fellow, featuring Mark Hannah, Truman Political Partner

4/10/18, Washington Post, American companies in China shouldn’t fear tariffs. They should fear a boycott, by Isaac Stone Fish, Truman Security Fellow

4/5/18, International Feminist Journal of Politics, Why are you trying to destroy the last good thing men have? Understanding resistance to women in combat jobs, by Andrea Goldstein, Truman Defense Council

3/29/18, Nation of Change, Parkland kids inspire a veteran to march, featuring Pam Campos-Palma, Truman Defense Council

3/28/18, Inclusive Security, Beyond Revolution: How Women Influenced Constitution Making In Tunisia, by Olivia Holt-Ivry, Truman Security Fellow

3/22/18, Medium: Truman Doctrine Blog, Gender Equality Strengthens Our National Security, by Sherry Hakimi, Truman Security Fellow

3/15/18, TRT World, Tillerson out; Pompeo, Haspel tapped for top jobs by Trump, featuring Asha Castleberry, Truman Defense Council

3/11/18, The Atlantic, Let Trump and Kim Meet, by Isaac Stone Fish, Truman Security Fellow

3/10/18, Buzzsprout, Business of Security Podcast--#04 - Loren Dealy Mahler, President - Crisis Communications in Cyber Security, featuring Loren Dealy Mahler, Truman Security Fellow

3/9/18, Sydney Morning Herald, Trump too inexperienced to negotiate with 'cunning' Kim, featuring Isaac Stone Fish, Truman Security Fellow

3/7/18, UN Women Metro New York, Announcing our 2018 Champions of Change, featuring Pam Campos-Palma, Defense Council Member

3/5/18, Doctrine Blog, The Importance of Praising Diversity in National Security, by Asha Castleberry, Defense Council Member

2/24/18, Stars and Stripes, Combat veterans push for gun reform: ‘This isn’t right,’ featuring Andrea Goldstein, Truman Defense Council

2/22/18, MilitaryOneClick, Meet the veteran who is rallying progressives in the military community, featuring Pam Campos-Palma, Defense Council Member

2/13/18, Foreign Affairs, The World After Trump, by Jake Sullivan, Truman Security Fellow

2/12/18, i24 News, Crossroads | Trump Lays Out $1.5 Tril Infrastructure Plan, featuring Elie Jacobs, Truman Political Partner

2/8/18, WURD Radio, Reality Check: Pam Campos 2.8.18, featuring Pam Campos-Palma, Defense Council Member

2/8/18, Salon, Vets and military families don’t want to be props in Trump’s fantasy, featuring Pam Campos-Palma, Truman Defense Council

1/31/18, i24 News, The Rundown: Takeaways from Trump’s State of the Union, featuring Elie Jacobs, Truman Political Partner



TruYork July Chapter Meeting - Midtown Edition

Tue. July 10, 2018 - 6:30pm

Please join your fellow TruYorkers for our July Chapter meeting. This meeting will run simultaneously with our meeting in Brooklyn at Smoking Monkey.

Our Midtown edition will take place at Salvation Taco.

TruYork July Chapter Meeting - Brooklyn Edition

Tue. July 10, 2018 - 6:30pm

Please join your fellow TruYorkers for our July Chapter meeting.

We're looking forward to seeing folks to enjoy some beers, oysters, and outdoor patio time.

New York Chapter Design Sessions #1 -3 

Tue. March 27, 2018 - Thursday March 29, 2018

We are going to have a read out of Truman's strategic direction from the leadership retreat followed by a group design session around TruYork strategic plan for the year. There are three possible options to give input.

TruYork Screening: Last Men in Aleppo 

Thu. February 22, 2018 - 7:00pm

TruYork members will be able to attend a screening of Last Men in Aleppo, featuring a Q&A with the director of the film, Feras Fayyad.

Syrian filmmaker Feras Fayyad in collaboration with Aleppo Media Center filmed the Syrian war for two years, which led to this breathtaking work, an imperative piece of boots-on-the-ground reportage following the exploits of the White Helmets, a search and rescue organization who indefatigably struggle on amidst Aleppo’s humanitarian catastrophe, looking for signs of life amid the rubble of a ruined city. Displaying remarkable calm and compositional clarity amidst chaos, Last Men in Aleppo embodies the agony and euphoria of its subject’s life and death work.

TruYork Welcome Happy Hour

Tue. January 23, 2018 - 6:30pm

Please join us for our January Welcome Happy Hour for the 2018 class.


Truman National Security Project is a member-based organization. Our members enter our community through one of three paths: the Defense Council, the Political Partnership, or the Security Fellowship. All three cohorts follow the same first year training programs, which lead to the same goal: full Truman membership. Each cohort is full of skilled, passionate leaders who share a commitment to public service and a strong interest in national security. The main difference between the cohorts lies in the particular background and experience of each member. A community of equals, each cohort significantly contributes to Truman Project, the national security conversation, and the larger realm of public service.  

Fellows are policy experts, academics, and other thought leaders who anticipate and articulate new global challenges and opportunities. Many work within the U.S. national security apparatus and legislative bodies, as well as the international community and an expansive network of nongovernmental and private organizations.

Partners are political leaders, advocates, communicators, journalists, and aspiring or actively serving public officials. Fluent in campaign management, media, journalism, organizing, and more, they advance progressive principles and a shared liberal internationalist worldview at all levels of civil society.

Members of the Defense Council include veterans and frontline civilians who have firsthand experience implementing U.S. foreign policy. They have wide-ranging expertise in hard security and an ongoing professional interest in defense and intelligence operations as they continue to serve in government, business, policy, and nonprofit ventures.