Truman Project Statement on Executive Order Facilitating the Indefinite Detention of Families

Washington, DC – Following President Trump’s signing of an executive order which “resolves” his administration’s family separation crisis on the southern border by allowing for the indefinite detention of immigrant families, Truman Project President and CEO Michael Breen issued the following statement:

“President Trump has signed an executive order that he claims ends family separations on the border. He did not acknowledge that this policy was a direct, recent result of his administration (explained as a deterrent by Chief of Staff John Kelly, announced and justified by Attorney General Sessions, and celebrated by Stephen Miller), nor that he has repeatedly lied about that fact.”

“He also did not acknowledge that under this new order, entire families can still be charged and detained—together, but indefinitely. He did not explain how his administration will reconnect the children already torn from their parents. And he did not offer any apology for the increasingly dangerous anti-immigrant rhetoric that he built his political career upon and continues to use.”

“Finally, with regard to DHS Kirstjen Nielsen: On Sunday, she claimed that the Trump Administration was not the cause of family separations on the border; on Monday, she said that only Congress could stop those separations. Today’s order only underscored that both points are and have been demonstrably false. Because her effectiveness at the head of DHS depends upon her public credibility (particularly in case of communicating information during a national emergency), Secretary Nielsen should resign.”