Truman Project Statement on Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Nomination Hearing

Washington, D.C.- In response to Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination hearing for the post of U.S. Attorney General, Truman National Security President and CEO issued the following statement:

“The Attorney General is the top law enforcement officer in the country charged with protecting the civil rights of all Americans. This role is essential to our time given President-Elect Trump’s open hostility to specific minority and other underrepresented groups of Americans. Unfortunately, Senator Jeff Sessions—his nominee for this post—has a record that casts significant doubt on his ability to be an adequate champion for all.”

“Pluralism remains the greatest strength of our country to be celebrated and leveraged, not a weakness to be mitigated or overcome. Now more than ever, it is essential that we uplift and protect the rights of all American communities, no matter when or how they arrived to this country, and guard against practices, such as torture, which damage our collective security and contradict our most dearly-held values.”

“Based on review of Senator Sessions’ public record and prejudiced rhetoric, as well as the hearing today, we vehemently oppose his nomination to the position of United States Attorney General.”