The United States faces new threats and old adversaries at home and abroad, and our institutions, our leadership on the world stage, and our fundamental values are at risk. In this moment of undeniable challenge, Truman Center for National Policy and Truman National Security Project also see opportunity: a chance to reassert what a strong, smart, and principled vision of American national security can do for Americans and citizens of the world. We would like to invite you participate in this conversation at TruCon18. This year, Truman’s annual conference will be held from 01 June to 03 June at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center.


On Friday 01 June—our public day, open to members of the broader progressive movement, national security field, and the press—please join us to hear from leaders inside and outside our community who live and lead with their values at the local, state, and national levels. Then, on Saturday 02 June and Sunday 03 June, our nationwide community of members will convene for trainings, presentations, and panels to build on their expertise, sharpen their skills, and expand their perspectives as they continue the good fight for American pluralism at home and leadership abroad.