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About the Initiative

In 2014, in the wake of heightened national and international attention on U.S. police shootings of African Americans, members from the Truman community wrote an open letter to the community arguing that “America’s ability to successfully realize its foreign policy and national security objectives is directly tied to the nation’s domestic political and social health.” Our members rightly pointed out that as nations around the globe increasingly criticize us for our human rights and social justice violations, America loses its credibility on the world stage as an inclusive democracy with equal justice for all.

Upon releasing this letter to the Truman community, the members made an announcement that they were forming the TruDiversity Initiative. Believing that taking advantage of the full range of diverse perspectives our country has to offer will enhance our nation’s security, the Initiative encourages Truman members of various backgrounds to speak up and collectively consider policies that may have a negative influence on human rights or social justice within our own borders. Additionally, TruDiversity members were asked to consider how practices affecting racial and religious minorities might adversely impact our foreign policy.


TruDiversity is an initiative of Truman National Security Project that seeks to expand the diversity of Americans contributing to every level of the U.S. national security and foreign policy apparatus in order to enhance our nation’s security and global leadership.

Towards this goal, the TruDiversity Initiative aims to attract more underrepresented minority groups to the field of national security, provide educational and professional development opportunities for these groups, and amplify the contributions of minorities in the field.

Working Priorities

  • Promote and educate the importance and value of diversity and pluralism in national security
  • Mentor and advocate for underrepresented minority groups and people of color into national security positions of leadership
  • Promote and build a diverse pipeline of emerging and talented individuals to join the national security workforce
  • Increase communications, collaboration and contribution from TruDiversity members and leverage their expertise with external demographics and influencers

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