Truman Project Statement on Border Deployment of National Guard

Washington, DC – In light of the Secretary of Homeland Security’s announcement that President Trump will be ordering the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexican border, Truman Project President and CEO Michael Breen issued the following statement:

“Beyond the pomp of a proclamation signing yesterday evening, the Trump Administration needs to move quickly to provide clear information about the size and purpose of this deployment, as well as its impact on other operations and the overall readiness of our military. Also, it should be clear that using our men and women in uniform as props in a political push for draconian border legislation would be unacceptable.”

“In the past, the Bush and Obama Administrations both mobilized the National Guard to provide support on the southern border. The Trump Administration, however, has not earned the benefit of the doubt—least of all in this area of policy. In previously trying to appease President Trump’s basest instincts, they have repeatedly rolled out new immigration policies haphazardly and without regard to consequences; this latest decision must be handled far more carefully.”