Truman Project Statement on Michael Cohen’s Second Guilty Plea

Washington, DC -- In response to the reveal of Michael Cohen’s second guilty plea this morning, Truman Project Interim Executive Director Bishop Garrison issued the following statement:

“Michael Cohen’s second guilty plea provides even more evidence that those in the Trump orbit have lied repeatedly about their dealings with Russia. We now know that Cohen was in direct contact with Russian officials as he worked to set up a Trump real estate property in Moscow. We also know that he repeatedly discussed these efforts with then-candidate Trump and yet-unnamed members of his family--presumably including Donald Trump Jr., who likely lied to Congress about the deal as well given his previous statements.”

“It is also clear from Cohen’s previously released correspondence with Felix Sater that these conversations were connected to efforts to elect Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency--we just don’t know the depth of those connections yet, or how they may have tied into the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016. Moreover, President Trump also just provided written answers about this attempted real estate deal in Russia to Special Counsel Mueller; it remains to be seen how his answers square with Cohen’s plea.”

“Because there is still critical information missing--and given the president’s increasingly unhinged remarks yesterday and this morning--there has never been a greater urgency to protect special counsel and his work. Congress must ensure that the investigation is allowed to continue by passing existing bipartisan legislation. Any and all further wrongdoing, including any by the president himself, must be uncovered and met with appropriate consequences.”