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Media 3.14.15 – 3.20.15

By Victoria Glynn | 3.20.15
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This week, among other big stories out of Tunisia, Iraq, and Ukraine, members continued to criticize the letter from 47 U.S. senators to Iran, and CSO Brandon Fureigh weighed in publicly on that subject as well. We hit the cable news trifecta (members using their Truman byline on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC in the same week) once again, and saw members’ op-eds placed all over the country.



3/14/15, The Denver Post: Irresponsible GOP letter to Iran undermines U.S. security, by Matt Chandler, Truman Project Fellow

3/16/15, Cagle Cartoons: What ‘Footloose’ Can Teach Us About Iran, by Jason Stanford, Truman Project Partner

    Syndicated all over the place

3/16/15, Inside Sources: Irresponsible interference with U.S. foreign policy, by Shawn VanDiver, Truman Project Defense Council

    Syndicated to The Detroit News (MI) and SouthCoast Today (MA)

3/20/15, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Tough Diplomacy, by Brandon Fureigh, Truman Project Chief Strategy Officer


Iraq, Syria, & Daesh/Islamic State

3/17/15, Fox News: The Kelly File: Pres Seems to Blame Bush for Rise of ISIS, feat. Mark Hannah, Truman Project Partner

3/18/15, Al Jazeera English: Revenge and reprisals in Iraq?, feat. Mike Lyons, Truman Project


Russia & Ukraine

3/15/15, Value Walk: US vs. Russia: Could We Be Heading For Another Cold War? feat. Job Henning, Truman Project Fellow


Terror Attack in Tunisia

3/18/15, MSNBC: Politics Nation: Terrorists Kill at Least 19 People in Tunisia, feat. Jim Arkedis, Truman Project Fellow

3/18/15, CNN: OutFront: Manhunt On After Museum Terror Attack Kills 19, feat. Jim Arkedis, Truman Project Fellow


All Other Topics

3/19/15, Politico: Playbook, by Mike Allen, mentions Scott Bates, CNP President (Happy birthday, Scott!)



Non-Truman/CNP byline:

3/11/15, The Guardian: US steps up Syrian refugee admissions but why are some still excluded? feat. Noah Gottschalk, Truman Project Fellow

3/12/15, Vice News: The Wreckage of Syria’s Civil War Is More Dire Than Ever — and the UN Isn’t Helping, feat. Noah Gottschalk, Truman Project Fellow

3/16/15, Africa is a Country: What are you scared of Joseph Kabila? Senegalese, Burkinabe, and Congolese Activists Arrested in DRC, by Janette Yarwood, Truman Project Fellow

3/17/15, Washington Post: Clinton taps SC campaign head, by AP, about Clay Middleton, Truman Project Defense Council

3/18/15, Real Clear Defense: Why Counterterrorism Operations Alone Can’t Defeat Boko Haram, by Julia McQuaid & Patricio Asfura-Heim, Truman Project Defense Council

2015: Trajectory Magazine: An Unprecedented Response: The Geoint Community’s Role in the Ebola Relief Effort, by Kristin Quinn, quotes Ashley Moran, Truman Project Fellow

3/19/15, The Classical: Putting Down Names: When An NCAA Bracket Is Something More, by Jessie Daniels, Truman Project Fellow