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The Blaze: Have You Thought About These Counterarguments To Allowing Women In Combat?

By Truman Project Staff | 2.22.13

The Blaze follows-up on yesterday’s Truman/CNP event on women in combat.

At a panel hosted by the Truman National Security Project and the Center for National PolicyThursday, two veterans — one male and one female — tried to dispel what they believe are misconceptions many still have about females serving on the front lines. Included in the fascinating discussion: integrated units could actually ​reduce ​sexual assault, how women can strengthen special forces, and even how female soldiers don’t need to sit to use the bathroom in the field.

The discussion of women in combat might have been at a low rumble for the last 10 years since the restriction became blurred for females serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. But with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta lifting the 1994 rule that prevented women from being assigned to small, ground combat units last month, the long-held debate exploded and discussions regarding implementation continue.

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