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Ga. State Rep Holcomb, Col. Klass Pressure Congressional Republicans on Defense Spending

By Stephanie Dreyer | 8.29.12

Atlanta, GA. – Today, Truman Project Fellow and Georgia State Rep. Scott Holcomb and Colonel Dick Klass called on Congressional Republicans to avoid pending defense cuts by working with Democrats to enact a truly balanced approach to deficit reduction.

State Rep. Holcomb, Col. Dick Klass and Vet Director Justin Ford at today’s press event in Atlanta

Rather than compromise on a plan to avoid Sequestration, Congressional Republicans continue to prioritize tax cuts for millionaires over national security funding while blaming the Administration for the cuts they voted to impose. At an in-person press briefing at the Wardlaw Center at GA Tech, Truman Fellow and State Rep. Scott Holcomb joined Col. Klass in calling on Congress to protect America’s national security by avoiding Sequestration’s across-the-board defense cuts.

State Rep. Holcomb said, “As a veteran, I am concerned about the potential for deep, across the board cuts to our national defense.  This would not be good for our nation, or for Georgia.  If no deal is reached, jobs will be lost in Georgia and our national defense will be weakened.  I know it’s an election year, but our leaders need to put their electioneering aside and work together to find a solution.  Continued uncertainty and brinksmanship are irresponsible policy options.  I sincerely hope the issue doesn’t come down to a fight over tax cuts for millionaires verses adequately funding our men and women in uniform. ”

The Obama Administration has laid out a rational and specific plan to avoid defense cuts and to significantly reduce the deficit.  Republicans on the Hill have refused to treat fiscal responsibility as part of our national security challenge.  Strategy-based cuts to Pentagon spending need to be part of an approach that will protect economic security and the middle class.

Today’s event was hosted by several foreign policy groups, including Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) and its Women Legislators’ Lobby, Georgia WAND, Truman National Security Project, and the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.


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