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Romney at VFW: Long on attacks, short on substance

By Dave Solimini | 7.24.12
Vice President of Strategic Communications
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Statement on Mitt Romney’s VFW Remarks

Romney is long on attacks, distortions, and accusations; short on substance.

Truman National Security Project spokesman David Solimini released the following statement in response to Mitt Romney’s remarks at the VFW convention in Las Vegas.

“Today, Governor Romney had the opportunity to define his approach to foreign policy and national security and failed to take it. Beyond predictable political pabulum and a barrage of false statements, he outlined no new policy positions today.
Often, Governor Romney insists on differing with the President by rhetoric while agreeing with him on policy, a disappointingly deceptive tactic. We saw it firsthand when Romney discussed Afghanistan and Iran: he endorsed a 2014 Afghanistan pullout timeline, offered no new actions on Iran, but attacked nonetheless.
The American people deserve to hear the plans of a man as inexperienced at world affairs as Governor Romney, not transparent political positioning. Being Commander-in-Chief is not something he can finesse with sound bites.
As a candidate, President Obama took nine days overseas to outline his views. Hopefully Romney will use his own trip to do the same. The American people are going to start wondering if Romney has any substance on national security.”