Truman National Security Project

Security Fellowship


The Truman Security Fellowship is a highly competitive leadership development program for exceptional individuals who show promise to become our country’s future global affairs leaders and are committed to advancing Truman internationalist policy over the course of their careers.

The mission of the Truman Security Fellowship Program is to create a community of change agents who share the same values and have the desire, ability, and network to propel Truman internationalist policies to the forefront of U.S. foreign policy.

The Fellowship program trains and positions future policymakers to help advance their principles while not letting their values fall by the wayside in the face of everyday pressures, politics, and career advancement. The program facilitates strong community ties among Truman Fellows in order to implement security policies by connecting policymakers of common conviction. Beyond leadership development, the Fellowship serves to catalyze effective, strong, principled policy.


“I think that Truman Project is a source of ideas, strength and community.  The longer I am a Truman Fellow, the happier I am to have joined.”
– Alexandra Bell, Co-Regional Director, Washington DC Chapter

“To be a part of this group of incredibly talented and intelligent people who are innovators, thinkers, leaders and people of action is both an honor and humbling. The idea of connecting these people in a network is inspiring and will change the culture of smart and strong national security.”
– Garrett Cathcart, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom Veteran, Fellow, Colorado Chapter

[Truman means] active engagement alongside brilliant, experienced colleagues to move the needle in some of the biggest national security and foreign policy challenges of our time.
– Craig Hanson, Venture Capitalist, San Francisco Chapter

The Truman Project means a tremendous amount to me – it’s been a source of great training and opportunities to stay involved, both politically and policy-wise, in the issues of national security that I care deeply about, a continuing source of intellectually fascinating dialogue and insight, as well as a source for deep, trusted relationships that offer both valuable professional contacts and some of my closest personal friends.
– Jim Morin, attorney focused on clean energy, defense and aerospace, Iraq and Afghanistan Vet, Washington DC Chapter

“Truman is succeeding according to the most critical metric – making a meaningful impact on politics and policy – because it is attracting highly talented people who are focused on public service, whether they’re in or out of government. From the armed services to critical policy jobs to startups and everything In between, our greatest assets are our Fellows and Partners; it is an incredible aggregation of talent and I’m honored to participate.”
- Justin Oberman, security and transportation consultant, former DHS official, Chicago Fellow