Truman National Security Project

Political Partnership

The Truman Partnership is a highly selective leadership development program designed for rising political stars. Truman Partners training ensures that advocates, public leaders, and consultants can work with security constituencies, communicate effectively on security issues, and prepares them for national security, foreign policy, and global leadership.

Truman Partners are managing campaigns, running major political strategy organizations, and potential federal office holders. Together, they represent a diverse array of political organizations, from private consulting firms and new media outlets such as Facebook, to senior staff on Capitol Hill and political campaign committees.

To learn more about our Political Partners program, and to receive updates about the application process for our next class, please contact Sean Berger.

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Program and Curriculum

Once selected as a Truman Partner, Members are offered regular opportunities to not only bolster their national security credentials, but to build their network and engage with the entirety of the greater Truman Project Membership Community.

Orientation. Mandatory for all new Partners, a two-and-a-half-day orientation includes a national security simulation, security-focused speaking training, values-based communication strategies, military literacy.

Curriculum. An elite and practical curriculum designed to equip political professionals with a strong understanding of America’s national security apparatus, how to communicate security issues to voters and understanding how Truman values apply to everyday leadership and public service.  The Truman political leadership curriculum contains three major modules:


  • The American National Security apparatus 
  • Military and Defense 101
  • Diplomacy and Statecraft
  • Intelligence 101

National Security Strategic Communications

  • Mastering Fear-in-Political Communications
  • Developing a Strong Media Profile
  • On-camera training
  • Public speaking

Policy and Values

  • Leadership in the 21st Century
  • Living Your Values in Public Service
  • Entrepreneurship

Annual Conference. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend the annual Truman Membership Conference in Washington, D.C. Held in the Spring, the conference features senior policy and political leaders, interactive training sessions, simulations, and expertise-based break-out sessions devoted to shaping policies and advancing change.

Quarterly continuing education. Partners are asked to attend quarterly online policy and communications trainings on relevant issues.

Truman Chapter & Regional Events. Partners are encouraged to become active members of Truman Chapters in our sixteen Chapters across the country. Chapters work locally to advocate in the media, learn from each other and outside experts, and build a strong Truman community. We ask that Partners attend at least two events with other Truman community members per year, such as a speech, happy hour, fundraiser, or educational event.

Membership Access. Partners also receive other benefits of engagement in the Truman Project, such as email list engagement, access to staff expertise and membership lists, Truman Project lapel pins, and ability to publish with a Truman by-line when approved.


Being a Truman Project member has truly been invaluable to me as an on-air political analyst.  Not only are the Truman Briefing book and other online resources fabulous but the team is always willing to help me out with key facts when needed.  It’s great to be part of a smart, progressive conversation about national security.
- Krystal Ball, Partner, New York City, NY

Being a Partner of the Truman Project means I am connected to experts and policy professionals across a whole host of issues. My personal and professional network has increased tenfold, and I can count on Truman’s vetting for rising stars.
– Allison McGuire, Partner, Washington, DC

The Truman Project provides an opportunity for engagement and education on key national security issues.
– Brigette Hunley, Partner, San Francisco, CA

[Truman means] connecting with sharp people at the top of their game across the country, and building an important voice for a progressive future.
– Daisy Pistey-Lyhne, Partner, San Francisco, CA