Truman National Security Project

National Security Bootcamps

Bootcamps are full-day or weekend-long educational workshops for state and local political candidates and progressive organizations of all sizes.  They are specifically designed to ensure that progressives from a wide range of organizations and issue areas are able to communicate effectively on security issues.

Trainings teach participants the progressive security world view, military basics, communications, and messaging.  We also create sessions based on hot-button issues and offer substantive training on local homeland security issues relevant to specific regions. Each year, we train over 1,000 people across the country.

“This program was amazing – both the ‘hard’ info as well as the communication coaching and messaging. This was a great way to spend a Saturday!”

National security is no longer just a federal issue. State and local leaders are now asked to address many issues in a “security” context, from immigration to energy security, the readiness of police and firemen to National Guard readiness; as well as critical infrastructures and homeland security funding. State and local leaders need to master these issues early in their careers to govern well—and to show their potential for national leadership.

Truman National Security Bootcamps are one-day trainings tailored to states and localities. They provide progressive leaders with the foundations of national security understanding, and train participants in talking about tough issues. Bootcamps are geared towards state and local candidates and can also be tailored to the needs of progressive activists and progressive organizations’ membership and leadership.

The basic bootcamp has five segments:

  • The Progressive National Security Story: Our History and Values
  • National Security Issues in Your Locality
  • Military 101 with Recent Veterans: Understanding the U.S. Armed Forces, Their Culture, and How to Connect With Our Troops
  • How Progressives Undermine Our Messages, and How to Communicate Better: Talking with the American People About Security and Progressive Values
  • Scenario Exercises: Talking about Security at a Town Hall and on Fox News

We generally hold bootcamps in partnership with other organizations. If your organization is interested in hosting a national security bootcamp to train members of your community, please be in touch.