Truman National Security Project

Executive Agency Training

From their first day in office, Administration officials must be prepared to tackle extraordinary foreign policy challenges.  Many of those who hold the jobs that help make the machinery of government work have never served in the executive branch before.

In order to be effective, these leaders – from Ambassadors to special assistants, Deputy Assistant Secretaries to speechwriters — need to know how our government works.  They need a high level understanding of the way foreign policy agencies such as the Defense Department and USAID function, and the important soft skills that can’t be learned in books, such as managing the interagency process, working effectively with civil servants and foreign service officers and writing speeches, memos and talking points.

To fill this need, the Truman National Security Project Educational Institute launched an Executive Agency Training Program for leaders who have the potential to hold or have been selected for key government positions and have never served in the executive branch.

These trainings teach participants the nuts and bolts of how to get jobs done in the executive branch, and practical skills required to be effective in the types of positions they will hold.  In addition to substantive training, the program helps participants build an interagency network to provide the contacts that make government run effectively.