Truman National Security Project

Security 101 & Custom Trainings

As home to the country’s most robust 21st century national security training program, the Truman Project maintains standard training modules and the capacity to produce custom training materials. We provide trainings for individuals ranging from Members of Congress and candidates to college students.
Our in-depth and comprehensive training program offers the policy background, values-based insights, and message guidance organizations, political leaders, and policy-makers need. Trainings are engaging, interactive, and often involve small group work with trained facilitators.

The National Security 101 Series

Progressive Values & National Security

A review of the philosophical underpinnings of American public opinion on national security issues. This training encourages participants to understand how their values connect to the strains of American political thought, the major schools of foreign policy approach, and the narratives that make up conservative and progressive foreign policy perspectives.

Strategic Communications

An approach to communications which focuses on being a trusted messenger and connecting with audiences on an emotional level. Participants learn the brain science behind political decision-making, the body language cues that make us more trusted, and the Truman Project’s 4-step process to effective communication.

The American Military

The basics every American should know about their military. Includes the common misconceptions made about the military, a focus on the values the military lives by, and a review of the demographics and structure of the armed forces. Usually presented by at least one veteran.

Veterans & Military Families Organizing

A review of the issues facing veteran communities and their families, including TBI, PTS, and VA healthcare. Also includes a toolkit for organizing veteran communities and creating Military Advisory Committees.

Custom and Issue-Focused

Truman’s team of staff, issue experts, and political professionals can craft an issue or skills training to your needs. Our staff and membership frequently brief opinion leaders and elected leaders on critical security issues. Trainings usually include both policy substance and communications guidance. Recent and common trainings have included:

  • International Development & Foreign Aid
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy & Climate Security
  • Iran & Nuclear Weapons