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Afghanistan Needs an Army Corps of Engineers

Why did the United States pay to raise an Afghan National Army but fail to institute an Afghan Army Corps of Engineers? It seems that we built a capacity to fight, but did not fight to create a capacity to build. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) provided the facilities and infrastructure that the […]

Al Jazeera America: Afghanistan Election

In a recent interview with Al Jazeera America, Truman Fellow Rebecca Zimmerman discusses implications the presidential election in Afghanistan and a few of the challenges that President Karzai’s successor will face. Watch the full clip.

CCTV: Will Afghanistan’s New President Give the Country Stability?

Truman Project Fellow Rebecca Zimmerman discusses the Afghan elections, how it will effect the country and the violence surrounding the event. Watch the full clip.

The Importance of the Election in Afghanistan

With Afghanistan’s presidential elections approaching, the international community is focused on technical aspects of transparency at the ballot box. The real question, though, is whether democracy can triumph in any limited sense over the inertia of President Karzai’s rule. Afghanistan’s prospects for real change are dim and flickering, and Karzai is unlikely to cede power […]

US News: Stuck Between a Rock and the ‘Zero Option’

In an article to the US News, Truman Fellow Rebecca Zimmerman examines the possiblity of US forces withdrawing from Afghanistan without leaving a contingency force, as well as what is potentially keeping President Karzai from signing the force agreement. In a remote corner of Afghanistan, at the edge of their government’s writ, many Afghan soldiers […]

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