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Sun This Week:Soccer blast in Uganda

Truman Project Policy Program Coordinator Kerry Kraemer is the subject of a story about her work in Africa. College was over. Kerry Kraemer had her bachelor’s degree in international relations from Stanford University, where she studied Africa and conflict prevention while also captaining the women’s swim team. What next — some policy job in Washington, […]

Unconquerable Soul: An Encounter with Mandela

Nelson Mandela and I stood near each other once at a massive rally in Trafalgar Square on a freezing winter day.  It was the thrill of a lifetime.  He wore his signature big Russian hat, and he laughed at his own jokes.  For a fleeting moment we were just a few feet apart as he […]

Wall Street Journal Radio: Nelson Mandela

Truman National Security Project Fellow Ben Spatz discusses the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Click here to listen to the full interview

Social Media and the Changing Face of Terrorism

The deadly attack that unfolded inside Kenya’s Westgate mall on September 21st brought the horrors of militant Somali violence to a worldwide audience. Sixty-seven men, women and children were murdered. The authorities in Kenya, a country largely perceived as an oasis of peace in a troubled region, are struggling to explain how a handful of […]

The Christian Science Monitor: Liberia, a remarkable African success story, still needs help

The Christian Science Monitor: Truman Project fellow Benjamin Spatz discusses the current situation in Liberia. Liberia‘s civil war ended 10 years ago, closing one of the most brutal chapters in human history. One in 4 Liberians was displaced or killed. Instances of cannibalism epitomized the inhumanity as Liberia became an archetype of anarchy, greed, and […]

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