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Arab Spring

Dictators or Extremists: A False Choice in the Middle East

The recent battlefield gains of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and President Obama’s decision to send hundreds of American military advisors to Iraq have sparked debates in the United States about what interest the U.S. truly has in helping the government in Baghdad confront brutal Islamist extremists. Add to this the fierce […]

The U.S. and Tunisia: Closer Ties for Greater Security

American relations with Tunisia may not get much media attention compared to relations with other Middle Eastern and North African countries. However, Tunisians have recently taken crucial steps in the direction of democratic stability, and there are related policies the U.S. can employ to help the Tunisian people make their country more peaceful and more […]

Egypt: United States searches for leverage as the crackdown and violence continues

With more than 500 people killed in Egypt,  President Obama needed to address and condemn the new Egyptian regime’s violent crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood’s protest encampments as well the regime’s declaration of emergency law.  However, Obama held back from cutting off U.S. military aid, only canceling the joint Bright Star military exercises that were […]

The Egypt Unrest Blame Game: August Edition

Who is to blame for the unrest in Egypt? If you listen to the Muslim Brotherhood leadership, Israel and its Zionist ally America are to blame. Iran has also adopted this line. There are some in the United States and Europe who also believe America is to blame as we have given billions of dollars […]

Egypt: Deep Societal Divisions Show No Signs of Abating

Nearly six months after President Morsi issued a decree exempting his decisions from judicial review- which touched off a political firestorm in Egypt- the country is still beset with political instability and policy drift. Although Morsi rescinded most of his controversial November 22 edict, it failed to mollify the opposition, which distrusts him and wants him removed […]

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