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US Naval Institute: Midrats: Episode 226: ” Quo Vadis Putin’s Novorossiya,” with Dr. Dmitry Gorenburg

Truman Fellow Dr. Dmitry Gorenburg appeared on the May 4th, 2014 edition of the USNI’s program Midrats to discuss Russia’s recent foreign policy moves. So far in 2014, the big lesson is what people have known for centuries; in Eurasia you cannot ignore in Russia. The cliche is accurate, Russia is never as weak or […]

For Ukraine and Central Asia, U.S. Business Should Create an Entrepreneur Corps

Despite the unforgiving winter that has plunged Central Asia into a deep freeze, Ukraine appears to be on fire.  Over a month ago, protests erupted in the capital city of Kiev, as ordinary Ukrainians lashed out against President Victor Yanukovytch’s decision to back out of a long-planned economic deal with the European Union and instead pursue […]

NATO’s Second Annual Report: Defense Matters!

On Thursday morning, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen released NATO’s Second Annual Report. His presentation was not simply an overview of the past year’s defense priorities and capabilities, but also an opportunity to candidly address the challenges facing the Alliance. Arguably, over the past several years, NATO has conducted missions that even ardent advocates […]

PolicyMic: Kerry and Hagel Have a Chance to Shine, By Cleaning Up the Mess in Afghanistan

Truman Fellow Heather Beaven details the life-and-death importance of improving sanitary conditions in Afghanistan, writing for PolicyMic. “[Kerry and Hagel] once belly crawled through the muck of Vietnam. Do they remember it vividly enough to take on “the Poo Pond” of Afghanistan or has it simply been too long since they smelled raw sewage? Yes, […]

Foreign Affairs: Do Less Harm: Protecting and Compensating Civilians in War

Writing for Foreign Affairs, Truman Fellow Sarah Holewinski advocates for increased protection of–and compensation for–civilians harmed by war. “Everyone knows that civilians suffer in war. Even in lawfully conducted conflicts waged for legitimate causes, they lose lives, limbs, and loved ones. What fewer understand is that there are no laws that oblige warring parties to […]