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Vice: The Shrimp Now Has a Say in the Ongoing Struggle for East Asian Supremacy

Truman Project Fellow Ari Ratner discusses the current power dynamics on the Korean Peninsula and how they relate to power struggles in the Pacific. Truman Project Asia Director Ziad Haider is quoted on South Korea and China’s improving relationship. “When whales fight, the shrimp’s back is broken.” So goes the old Korean saying lamenting the […]

US Naval Institute: India’s Place in the Indo-Pacific and Indian Views of China’s Role

Truman Project Defense Council member Lt. Scott Cheney-Peters explains India’s security role in the Indo-Pacific region and its relationship with China. “What is India’s role in the Indo-Pacific?” “Does India have a national interest at stake in the South China Sea?” “How should India shape its maritime relationship with China?” Earlier this month, I had the […]

Security Concerns for Sino-Pak Investments

Multiple attacks took place throughout Pakistan this weekend. On Sunday, June 8th two gunmen on motorcycles took down an oil tanker in Balochistan, carrying fuel bound for NATO troops in Afghanistan. Also on Sunday evening, a group of 10 suicide attackers opened fire in Pakistan’s largest transportation hub, Jinnah International Airport. “28 people were dead, including eight members of airport security forces, […]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Key Element of America’s “Pivot”

President Obama’s address to West Point’s class of 2014 was a reminder that the United States has means other than force to exert positive influence in the world, with the president arguing that “U.S. military action cannot be the only — or even primary — component of our leadership in every instance.” This signals to a […]

Cagle Cartoons: How Will China Respond?

Truman Project Fellow Jason Stanford examines the fallout of the Justice Department indictment of Chinese nationals for cyber espionage. After tiptoeing around the obvious for years, the Obama administration finally did something about corporate espionage when it indicted five Chinese military officers this week. The good news, says one of our country’s top cybersecurity experts, […]

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