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National Jewish Democratic Council: Women’s History Month: The First Female Secretary of State

CNP President Emeritus Madeleine Albright is the subject of an article about her tenure as the first female Secretary of State Read the full article.

Fox CT: Crimea and Malaysia Flight 370

Center for National Policy President Scott Bates explains the effect that conflict in Crimea has on Connecticut as well as possible reasons for the loss of Flight 370. Watch the full clip.

WTIC-AM: Segment on the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

In a segment with Connecticut’s WTIC, CNP President Scott Bates discusses the motivations behind Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine as well as potential American responses that could deter further Russian aggression. Listen to the full clip.

Foreign Policy: Security Report

In the February 24th, 2014 edition of Foreign Policy’s Security Report, the magazine issued a correction concerning an event held at the Center for National Policy. Clarifying - We referred to a report published yesterday on Afghanistan but it should be clear that it was completed by ATR Consulting, and the Center for National Policy only just […]

Phoenix TV: U.S. experts: “sea and air war” strategy fear of damaging US-China relations

Daniel Hartnett, of the Truman Project Defense Council, and Scott Bates, President of the Center for National Policy, spoke to Chinese news outlet Phoenix TV after a panel event for Hartnett’s new paper, “Air-Sea Battle, China, and the U.S. Rebalance to Asia.” Please note: the following news report is in Mandarin. Click here to watch […]

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