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Forbes: A Moon Base, Cyborg Army, and Congress’s Failed Oversight of the NSA

In an article published on Forbes Magazine’s website, Truman Fellow Eli Sugarman discussed how Congressional oversight of the intelligence community is both limited in scope and ineffective. Does the U.S. government have a moon base? How about a cyborg army? These questions were not posed by Stephen Colbert but rather by Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) to highlight […]

Dear Congress: Please raise my taxes

Congress is expected to vote on a budget deal this week. The good news is that Democratic and Republican negotiators have agreed on a modest deal that would avoid a governmental shutdown. The bad news is that the proposed deal doesn’t address the main issue that sparked the budget wars: how to balance growing spending on […]

US handling of the Syrian Crisis: What Will Our Legacy Be?

There has been, over the past quarter century, a certain script that the prelude to America’s use of force has adhered to. There is identification of the crisis situation; a call for support from the “international community”; gestures of support from allies; and a speech from the Oval Office announcing the actions that have been […]

Why Did We Suspend Aid to Egypt, Again?

John Kerry felt more threatened by his own administration’s partial aid “cut” to Egypt than Egypt’s generals did. Or so it seemed. In a visit to Cairo on November 3, America’s top diplomat insisted that the “aid issue is a very small issue,” as if to tell Egyptians not to worry—that it was something the U.S. had to do […]

How Post-Office Opportunities Lead to Congress’ Gridlock

Years ago, it would have been hard to imagine that leaving the US Senate to take over a policy thinktank and turn it political would have equated to a smart career move. But just last year, former Senator Jim DeMint did. DeMint – now the head of the Heritage Foundation – would have never be described as […]

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